13 Threads Polyester PU Glove

13 Threads Polyester PU Glove

13 threads white polyester white(black, grey)PU gloves 13 threads white polyester palm coated on white PU safety gloves. and black pu gloves including Size 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 1.Seamless lining for extra comfort while the open back style allows excellent breathability, especially for memphis grey...

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Product Description:

This kind of 13 threads polyester PU glove is made of liner impregnated transparent pu. Compared to traditional products, this glove is extremely wear resistant. The biggest advantage of the dipping mode is that in addition to providing the necessary palm protection, there is no PU glue covering on the back of the hand, the elasticity is good, and the breathability is also prominent, which effectively solving the problem of sultry feeling and discomfort after wearing the glove for a long time.


  • Including size 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

  • Anti-static, dustproof.

  • Good electrical insulation properties

  • Very good tensile strength and elongation at break,

  • Excellent puncture resistance, aging resistance, flame and low temperature resistance.

  • Fine processing, not easy to be damaged, long service life

  • Seamless lining for extra comfort while the open back style has excellent breathability

  • Designed for light touch and tactile applications with maximum flexibility.

  • Good handling of small objects in dry and light oils and reduces the risk of product contamination


Basically meet the needs of various workplaces under normal temperature conditions, such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, assembly of precision instruments, product inspection, electronics industry, printing, etc.

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