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What Kind Of Anti-static Gloves Are There?
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Antistatic gloves are a wide range of types, in addition to chemical compounds, but also the prevention of cutting gloves, electrical insulating gloves, waterproof gloves, cold gloves, heat radiation gloves, fire-retardant gloves, dust-free anti-static gloves, and so on, it is necessary to explain that the general acid and alkali gloves and anti-static gloves are not equivalent to chemical, because many chemicals relative to the glove material has different permeability, so it is necessary to select a variety of chemicals to prevent the infiltration of anti-static gloves.

According to the characteristics of anti-static gloves, reference to possible contact opportunities, the use of appropriate gloves, should consider the presence of chemicals (gaseous, liquid) concentration to determine that the glove can withstand the concentration. For example, gloves made from natural rubber can cope with the general low concentration of inorganic acids but cannot resist concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid. Rubber gloves have a good blocking effect on pathogenic microorganism and radioactive dust.

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