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The Location Of The Litter Box Is More Knowledgeable.
- Oct 17, 2018 -

The good thing about cats is that they don't need to take them out for a walk or take them outside as often as dogs do. A suitable cat litter box, you can let the cat perfect to solve the toilet problem. But, you know what? The location of the litter box is also a lot of learning, oh, if you choose the wrong location will not only make the cat feel anxiety and stress, may even cause the cat to refuse to use the litter box or other behavioral problems.

First, taking into account the privacy of the cat, but did not consider the cat more need is a sense of security

A lot of poop officials think that toilet behavior is a personal privacy issue, so it can't be exposed to the public, we humans so, cats must be like this. Cats should also like to solve problems privately in hidden places. Then they put the litter box in the corner of the room, in the cupboard, in the closet, or in a place where the view is not open.

Admittedly, these places are really invisible to us, but they may not be ideal for the end-users of cats. From a cat's point of view, when you're on the toilet, security is more important than privacy. In the eyes of the cat, the corner of the room, the cupboard, the back of the couch, and the litter box in the closet are the best places to ambush. They don't have enough visibility in these places, they can't see the surroundings, they can't determine if there are other animals around, so even if there are no other animals around, the cat's instincts will prevail, driving them away from the toilet.

Second, the closed position odor is difficult to eliminate 

In the enclosed space, the smell of the litter box is more difficult to eliminate. We humans do not like to go to smelly places, cats are not so? These smells are kept in cabinets, closets, or other small spaces, although, if the scent is not very strong, we humans may not smell it, but the cat will. You know, cats have a lot more sense of smell than we humans. So, the cat will instinctively refuse to go to these smelly places to solve the problem.

Thirdly, the location of the litter box is too far 

Some of them may be to consider the beauty of the family or to avoid unpleasant smells at home, they will hide the litter box, or in a more remote place, for example, in the basement, garage or attic. Although, the cat will try to get to these places convenient, but sometimes they will be too late to arrive. In particular, those kittens, kittens, or older cats that are physically defective, are likely to really be a veritable shovel-officer.

Forth, The Cat litter box is close to where the cat eats 

Some people in order to lazy, put a few cat litter box in the same room, then each cat litter box is also very close. In fact, from the point of view of the cat, they will think that they actually have only one cat litter box. If for some reason, for example, the cat is ambushed by other pets in the house, it will think that the cat litter box in the room is unsafe, and then the cat will go to the toilet in another place, and then your heart should be broken.

Others will put the litter box near the cat's food bowl. We humans will not eat in the bathroom, the cat is of course the same, if the cat has a choice, they will certainly take the cat litter box.

In addition, there is a common mistake is to put the cat litter box at home people flow more or more noisy place.

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