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The Analysis Of Tofu Cat Sand
- Oct 17, 2018 -

The analysis of Tofu cat sand Tofu Cat sand is divided into clusters and non-group type two (ordinary tofu cat sand, tofu herbal sand, tofu discoloration sand, tofu pine core sand, tofu corn core sand). The cluster type is the Volkswagen model.

Material: As the name implies, tofu sand is made from the residue of tofu.

 Advantages: Environmental protection, waste utilization, can directly flush toilets. No dust, non-toxic, the cat is harmless to people. Can be condensed for easy cleaning. Ingredients of natural, beans taste, derived from a variety of varieties (including tofu herbal sand, tofu discoloration sand, tofu pine core sand, tofu corn core sand), flavoring, dyeing, adding carbon, no dust. The toilet can be washed directly, and it is easy to clean. According to the size of the cat 12 days, 7 days, 5 days to replace all can be. Recommended if you are a purebred cat, the stomach weak (easy to lash) must use knot-type, the cat ate absolutely nothing, the bean residue is edible (but to choose the factory without industrial additives), postpartum, after the cat and half-year-old before the young cat extremely suitable.

Cons: Easy to have worms in summer or humid environment. Some people reacted with the smell of beans, the cat refused to use. The lump is less than the clay sand, and the price is more expensive than the clay and crystal.

How to use: preferably with a double-decker toilet, because some particles will be deposited at the bottom, regularly clean the lower layer, to prevent excessive urine taste.

Usually with the use of clumps of cat litter, daily cleaning of urine and BB blocks.

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