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Selection Tips For Cat Litter
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Many of the store's cat litter has a small package, choose a few suitable cat litter for the cat to try, see what it likes and then make sure of it. In the selection is not blind casual choice, need to pay attention to several points: the first choice can be condensed to facilitate the eradication of cat sand, the cat sand easy to clean and can absorb the odor; second, cats prefer no taste of cat sand, so try not to choose those rich flavor of the cat sand, but the owner is often more like the cat sand with fragrance, So when the choice is not to consider the cat's feelings, so buy back cat litter cats do not like to use, it must be remembered that cat litter is for cats, they like the cat sand is appropriate.

If a cat doesn't like the cat litter that we choose for it, it will usually have the following performance: Scratching the cat's sand plate, standing outside the cat's sand plate or going in quickly jump out, directly beside the cat sand plate "poo", so when you find that your cat appears above these conditions, please replace another cat litter, please do not easily change other brands.

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