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Selection Of Safety Shoes And Protective Shoes
- Jul 24, 2017 -

(1) Protective footwear In addition to the operating conditions to choose the appropriate type, but also should fit, wear up to make people feel comfortable, this is very important, carefully select the appropriate shoe number.
(2) Protective shoes should have non-slip design, not only to protect the feet from injury, but also to prevent the operator was slipping caused by the accident.
(3) A variety of different performance of the protective shoes, to achieve their respective protective performance of the technical indicators, such as toe is not hurt, the soles of the foot is not stabbed, insulation and conduction requirements. But safety shoes are not everything.
(4) The use of protective shoes before the careful examination or testing, in electrical and acid-base operations, broken and cracked protective shoes are dangerous.
(5) After the protection of shoes to be properly kept, rubber shoes after use with water or disinfectant rinse and dry to prolong the service life.

Can be measured and selected in several ways:
1, Shoe type: (abbreviation: Model), namely the length and width of the shoe, whether the width of the shoe body is the same as the foot?
2, the upper: the softness of the skin can be in walking natural, affixed clothing.
3, the shoe state: The entire shoe can be affixed to the feet without playing feet, loose and not off, full of flexibility.
4, the inner cushion: whether the correct use of vibration-aid function, sweat-sucking function, massage function, health function construction.
5, the inside: whether the correct choice of breathable function, waterproof function, warm function, environmental protection materials.
6, Sole: Select for the region, and various environments to use different degrees to configure the substrate and non-slip requirements, such as: good environment for the use of relatively non-slip, light-type substrate, the vibration function outstanding. Outdoor site environment to strengthen non-slip, wear-resistant substrate, under a harsh environment to use. Divided into: white-collar, blue-collar, wage, administrative industry, light industry, heavy industry, construction industry, tourism

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