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Precautions For Taking Electronic Components From Antistatic Gloves
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Electronic, semiconductor industry employees use anti-static gloves to the electronic components need to pay attention to what?
1, you must use the correct technology with electrostatic sensitive components, with thumb and index finger and integrated circuit at both ends, hands do not touch outside, the best use of professional components plug, plug integrated circuit.
2, anti-static gloves only after grounding, you can use electronic components from electrostatic discharge protection packaging, and then placed on a static safety desk desk.
3, in the office can not be the electronic components electrostatic sliding surface non-slip protection.
4, remove or insert in the electronic components, contact undesirable circumstances, electrical equipment or components.
5, should strive to simplify the operation, the more complex static electricity, the greater the harm.
The correct use of anti-static gloves can let us get two times the results of the half hard work, but also avoid some unnecessary loss.

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