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Knowledge Of Anti-static Shoes
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Electrical Performance Protective footwear is used in individual protective equipment to protect the foot of the protective shoes, including anti-static shoes, conductive shoes and electrical insulating shoes, can prevent electrostatic injury and electric shock injury.

The harm of electrostatic to human body

Static electricity to the human body's harm has: causes the psychological barrier, produces the fear mood, thus causes the accident, also may cause the skin burns and the dermatitis by the electrostatic shock. The main hazard of electrostatic is that flammable and explosive accidents occur in industry, thus endangering the life of workers and causing significant loss of production facilities.

Electric shock injury is a common industrial accident, can be divided into contact electrical injury and non-contact electrical injury. The former is mainly the current damage, it can destroy the human body internal organization, such as heart, respiratory system, nervous system and so on. The light has a sense of acupuncture, a sense of shock, a tremor, spasm, elevated blood pressure, arrhythmia until coma, the heavy can occur ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest and death. The latter is mainly the arc damage, manifested as electrical imprinting, electric burns, skin carbonation, severe can be deep and muscle, bone and internal organs.

The study of Human electric shock physiology showed that the human perception current, the average adult male is 1.1mA, the average adult female is 0.7mA; the average adult male is 16mA and the average adult female is ten. 5mA. When the electric current is greater than the escaping current, the electric shock can not take the initiative to get rid of the power, if no external help, will prolong the electric shock time, the death risk. The hand and foot are the most vulnerable parts of the body by the current.

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