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How To Maintain Anti-static Shoes?
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Anti-static shoes are the production workshop and advanced laboratories of microelectronic industries such as electronic semiconductor devices, computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits, a work shoe worn to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazards. Anti-static shoes can be electrostatic from the human body to guide the Earth, thereby eliminating the human static, but also effectively suppress the staff in the dust-free room of the dust produced. Suitable for pharmaceutical factory, food factory, electronics factory clean workshop, laboratory and so on. Antistatic shoes using loose electrostatic material PU or PVC material making soles, in the upper surface of one molding, and then on-line reinforcement. Finished shoes overall beautiful, generous and strong.

1. Anti-static shoes use note: Mainly applicable to prevent the human body with electrostatic and may cause combustion, explosion and other static hazards of the field (such as petroleum, chemical, coal, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronics and other industries operating place)
Anti-static shoes and conductive shoes should not wear insulation at the same time when wearing wool thick socks and insulated insoles, prohibit anti-static shoes when the use of insulating shoes.
The use of Anti-Static shoes in the site should be anti-static ground, the use of conductive shoes should be the site can be conductive to the ground.
Anti-Static shoes should be used with anti-static clothing, pay attention to product cleaning, waterproof, moisture-proof.
In the process of wearing generally not more than 200h should conduct resistance test once, if the resistance is not within the scope of the specified, it can not be used as anti-static shoes.
2. Antistatic Shoes Maintenance method
Cleaning, should be in warm water (below 40 degrees) with a soft brush scrub, can not use the washing machine;
Please use neutral cleaning agent, otherwise easy to change color
Rinse to full, dry when you choose a good ventilation, cool, no direct sunlight place, should be banned oven drying or use of desiccant
Keep soft things (such as newspapers) in your shoes and place them in dry and shady places.

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