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How To Choose Bentonite Cat Litter?
- Oct 17, 2018 -

What about bentonite sand, and how to choose? A shovel excrement officer deep like the sea Ah, in the past you can not even take care of themselves, now to the small master of the necessities of every possible.

About the choice of cat litter, in fact, each kind of cat sand has its own characteristics.

Bentonite Cat Sand is what we usually say the soil sand, the market is more common, cost-effective absolute value, is the general choice of cat slaves, my home is the main use of bentonite sand. The advantage of bentonite sand is that the results are good, water absorption ability can quickly condense cat urine and cat poo, deodorant effect is also good.

In addition, bentonite cat sand particles relatively small, cat fragile feet on the foot of the more comfortable. Bentonite Cat Sand The main drawback is the dust problem, so the cat friends usually the practice is to put the cat toilet in the leeward place, to avoid the usual dust back blowing.

At the same time, the thickness of the cat sand should also be noted, the usual practice is to ensure that enough to make the cat sand from the edge of the cat sand basin far away. About the cleaning of the bentonite cat sand, some netizens will ask, bentonite sand soaked in water with the usual soil, then in the end can directly pour into the toilet?

We recommend that you do not, maybe some netizens have tried, and there is no blocking, however this is only a fluke situation, a friend has encountered a blockage can only remove the extent of the fecal tube. About the choice of bentonite sand, here do not introduce too much, as the daily consumption of cats, cat sand dosage is not too big, so we recommend that we try to choose some quality good cat sand.

I'm using Teddy's bentonite sand, and the dust problem has been clearly solved. Finally, I would like to remind you that many people think that cat toilets can be cleaned every few days, it is not advisable, we all know that cats are very sanitary animals.

I suggest you try to be more diligent, if you have the conditions, clean up the cat bowl every day, clean the cat sand basin thoroughly once a week.

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