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How To Choose Antistatic Gloves
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Antistatic gloves are not the same as insulated gloves, anti-static gloves should be worn bare hands, to maintain the human body with gloves and ground contact.

Antistatic gloves are a variety of varieties, should be selected according to the protection function. First you should clear the object of protection, and then carefully select. Should be selected according to the type of solvents contacted, such as acid-resistant gloves, there is resistance to strong acid (alkali), there is only a low concentration of acids (alkali), resistance to organic solvents and chemical reagents, infiltration and erosion resistance, and some solvents are harmful to the human body can not be directly contacted, so can not be used to avoid accidents.

1, latex industrial gloves only applicable to weak acids, low concentrations of acid and alkali and a variety of salts, or general oil and other industrial oil, no contact with strong oxidizing agent (concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid, etc.).

2, rubber, plastic and other non-disposable anti-static gloves should be washed clean, dry, save when the sun to avoid high temperature, in the place, and in the products sprinkled with talcum powder to prevent adhesion.

3, insulating gloves should be regularly inspected electrical insulation performance, not in accordance with the provisions of the failure to use.

4, anti-static gloves and insulated gloves are not the same, anti-static gloves should be worn bare hands, to maintain the body and gloves and ground contact.

5, penetration resistance, acid and alkali gloves should be carefully inspected before using, observe whether there is damage to the surface, the simple way to take the gloves to blow the air, with the hand pinch tight sleeve mouth, the observation of whether the leakage. If the leak is not used. How to choose antistatic Gloves

6, contact strong oxidizing acid such as nitric acid, chromic acid, etc., because of strong oxidation will cause the product brittle, discoloration, early damage. High concentration of strong oxidizing acid can even cause burning damage, should be observed.

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