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Eliminate Hand Injuries And Use Good Protective Equipment
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Hand injuries can be summarized as physical injury, chemical injury, mechanical injury and biological injury. Mechanical injuries are the most common. The mechanical damage of the hand is divided into closed and open. The former can affect the bones, joints and tendons, and sometimes the nerves, the latter is more serious, will be a large number of bleeding and affect other parts of the treatment is also more complex. The degree of hand injury is very different, depending on the injury factors and process.

The most common job is cuts and stab wounds. Minor cuts only hurt skin tissue, and severe wounds may be caused by other tissues, or even partial or complete amputation, and the stab wounds may be exacerbated by the presence of foreign bodies in the wounds. The healing of open hand injuries is closely related to the degree of dirty hands. In general, damage to chemical plants, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants and leather products plants can easily lead to infection and other complications.

Due to the widespread use of high-pressure spraying and spraying equipment in modern industry, the accident of hand injuries has increased significantly. This kind of situation can be seen in the internal combustion engine, spray gun, grease injection gun, plastic injection molding machine and some special equipment for auto repair. If the jet is not in the direction of the tangential impact of the skin, it will not lead to skin cracking, the initial sting is only, often not to be taken seriously, until the local lack of blood pain exacerbated, will feel serious. Sometimes, even if the amount of spray does not cause local ischemia, after a few days, there will be a heat stimulation or chemical stimulation. Because the spray contains solvents, may cause systemic poisoning symptoms.

Hand burns can be caused by fire, red body, heat flow, chemical or electric shock, the degree of injury depends on contact time, burn area and depth. Because of the frequent occurrence of such injuries, they can sometimes be very serious. Exposure to toxic, irritating or allergic chemicals brings harm, although there is no trauma, but the resulting skin damage can not be ignored, is one of the three major ways of occupational poisoning.

Protection of the hands of the measures, first, in the design, manufacture equipment and tools, should be fully considered from the point of safety protection, equipped with a more complete protection measures. The second is to make and improve the safe operation rules and improve the safety precautions. For example, the equipment of dangerous parts to install protective cover, the heat source and radiation settings shielding, equipped with a handle and other reasonable hand tools. If these measures are still not effective to avoid accidents, then can consider the use of individual protective supplies, point Bead Series, Gelatinize series, cutting series, high temperature series gloves, are the best choice for hand protection.

There is little work to be done. The hand is like a delicate tool with astonishing power and flexibility to grip, rotate, pinch and manipulate. In fact, the connection between the hand and the brain is the key to the ability of human beings to perform all kinds of high skill jobs. However, if you ignore basic security rules at home or at work, you will have a big problem with your hands.

No matter where you work or play, the three types of injuries to the hand include: traumatic injury after the accident, contact damage caused by exposure to toxic substances, and excessive application of repetitive activity problems caused by a group of muscles.

Traumatic injuries include abrasions, lacerations (cuts), contusions, fractures and crush injuries. Traumatic injuries generally occur in careless application of machines and tools. Contact damage occurs when your hand is in contact with a harmful substance, such as a detergent or chemical. Burns are also exposed to sexual injury. Repetitive motion problems occur in work that takes a long time to repeat the hand.

Identify risk factors and make relevant safety measures to prevent, can reduce the chance of hand injury 500,000 times a year. The opportunity to damage the hand should be minimized, and hand security needs to work together. What we need to do is to learn basic safety rules and obey them.

The accident of hand injury often results from the hidden trouble in the production work. Artificial unsafe behavior, unsafe state of goods, adverse environmental impact, lack of management of four aspects of potential security risks.

The accident of hand injury may be caused by the lack of safety consciousness of the corporate responsible person, the work of the security is not practical, the implementation is not serious, the operator is not followed or the management disorder. The enterprise responsible person does not really carry out the state in the labor protection aspects of the various organizational measures and technical measures, the existence of heavy production of light safety behavior, enterprise management serious vacancy, leading to the security management system is imperfect or nominal and so on; even many enterprises in the production workshop and the assembly line does not establish a sound operating regulations, rules and complete security measures, or even if there is a safe operation of the Regulations, rules, its managers are only to stay in the verbal, do the superficial, to cope with inspection, Did not strengthen safety production management.

Many enterprise equipment obsolete, machine aging, maintenance is not in place, the working environment condition is poor, the security check is careless, the safety education training is not in place, the formality, engage in formalism, staff in the safety operating procedures, rules and regulations, machinery and equipment do not know the situation is not familiar with the job, the operation of only by virtue of their own knowledge of the risk of the operation or blind operations, the staff of this situation is accustomed to paralysis, indifferent, no sense of danger, the existence of For drawing trouble-saving chapter, illegal operation, operation error, resulting in hand injury accidents.

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