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Does Cat Litter Have To Be Shoveled Every Day?
- Oct 17, 2018 -

If the cat owner has the time, the cat after the use, the owner will be able to remove the dirty cat litter and excrement, if the cat owners do not have so much free time, clean up one to two times a day. It is better to clean up every day by standing on a deodorizing point of view.

Cat owners can learn a little more cat litter, choose to smell good also suitable for their own.

1, bentonite cat Sand Bentonite cat litter is a very common cat litter, a lot of cat owners are in use. Bentonite cat sand is easier to buy, many places are sold, and the price is relatively cheap. Water absorption, the knot is good, on the odor may be slightly weaker. The deficiency of bentonite litter is reflected in dust and weight. Bentonite Cat Sand in the use of easy to collapse a lot of small dust, the cat in the home may be stimulated.

Bentonite Cat sand Weight is still relatively heavy, cat master's strength if relatively small use is more uncomfortable.

2. Crystal Cat Sand Crystal Cat sand is a kind of appearance looking pretty good cat sand, usually white. Its composition is mainly silica, is a silica gel sand.

Crystal Cat sand texture is relatively light, water absorption, odor is better, after absorbing water will change color, easy to observe the use of cat sand, but will not be a group, also insoluble in water, discard clean more trouble, and the crystal cat sand dust Larger, the cat tread is not too comfortable.

3, Tofu cat sand Tofu Cat Litter has also recently been used by many cat owners. Tofu Cat sand raw materials are tofu slag, tofu fiber, this material sucks water to suck odor are good, Knot regiment also can. If the cat naughty, swallowed one or two is not related to timely education stop just. Cat owners can try meow like Tofu cat litter, such as the group-type Tofu cat litter, can be compared to pick up cat dung, and can be directly thrown into the home of the toilet wash away. Don't worry about having too much powder, and don't be afraid that the cat will be uncomfortable on foot.

Generally have original flavor, green tea flavor for the cat owners choose.

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