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Characteristics Of Silica Gel Cat Litter
- Oct 17, 2018 -

1, adsorption capacity of high absorption speed fast 

Cat sand in a few seconds to absorb the pet's feces, urine and the resulting odor, and can curb the growth of bacteria, keep the cat sand surface drying, cleaning, so that pet sanitation safety, but also to the air volatile gas, moisture adsorption, it can play the role of air freshener, so that the air fresh, clean environment , clean, due to the unique performance of cat sand silica gel, in the use of the process of very little garbage, thus reducing the owner's labor intensity, more effective to maintain environmental health.

2, colorful and multi-flavor, pet likes

A variety of colored cat litter and different scent of cat litter are particularly attractive to pets and are easily accepted by pets.

3, easy to use, less garbage, easy to clean up.

4, consumption savings, economic.

5, the use of safety, is a green environmental protection products.

6, beautiful and generous, easy to be accepted by pets.

7, eliminate dust, so that no dust around the floor appears.

8, more hygienic, inhibit the breeding of bacteria, make the environment more hygienic. 9, deodorant strong, by absorbing the form of water to prevent the spread of odors.

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