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A Few Points To Know About The Use Of Labor Gloves
- Jul 24, 2017 -

We all know that protective gloves are used to protect the safety of our hands. Different types of protective gloves will have special protection features that are not available in general gloves. Various protective gloves vary in their function, so they use different sites.

The next little series will be together with you to enter a wide range of labor protection gloves used in the field.

First, workshop production-specific-oil-resistant gloves
This type of products using latex, nitrile materials, chloroprene or polyurethane materials made, due to latex sensitization, the vast majority of European and American enterprises are not the use of Latex workshop gloves. Oil-resistant gloves used to protect the skin of the hand to avoid oil-like substances stimulated by the stimulation of various allergies, such as itchy skin, acute dermatitis, acne, hair follicle inflammation, skin dryness, rupture, body pigmentation and nail damage.

II. Chemical and chemical industry--acid and alkali protective gloves
This kind of protective gloves are in order to prevent the damage of extreme chemicals such as acid and alkali, the quality of which should conform to the relevant regulations of the national industrial safe production. It is worth noting: acid and alkali protective gloves are not allowed to have spray cream, hair embrittlement, hair sticky and breakage and other defects appear. Anti-acid and alkali labor gloves are required to have no leakage of gloves. No leakage of gloves refers to: must have air tightness, under the specific pressure, no gas leakage occurs.
This kind of gloves can be divided into rubber acid and alkali gloves, latex acid and alkali gloves, plastic acid-proof gloves, dipped acid and alkali-proof gloves, and so on. Waterproof gloves, anti-virus gloves can be used instead of acid and alkali gloves.

Third, high temperature resistance--welders labor gloves
The protective gloves used for welders are personal protective devices that protect against high-temperature soldering, melting or refining of metals, or preventing spark-burning hands. It is usually made of animal-type two-layer leather which is similar to cattle and pig marmosets leather, and of course there are synthetic or artificial materials made of gloves. According to the requirements of the type of operation, the types can be divided into two finger type, three finger type and four fingers.
High temperature resistant gloves have strict appearance requirements. First-class product requirements leather body thickness uniformity, plump soft and elastic, leather facial villi meticulous, uniform, fastness, the color of the same depth, no greasy feeling. Class Two: Leather body lacks full elasticity, thick fur, slightly darker color.

IV. Microelectronics, the semiconductor industry's favorite-anti-static gloves
General anti-static gloves are made of conductive fiber materials. There is also one is made of long fiber elastic acrylic gloves, in order to enhance anti-static performance, generally use the following three methods:
First, the anti-static gloves in the palm part of the paste pay polyurethane resin;
Second, the finger-tip part of the polyurethane resin;
Third, the glove surface all add polyethylene coating.
The working principle is as follows: the gloves containing conductive fibers will make the electrostatic accumulation of the hands disappear quickly. There are polyurethane or polyethylene coated gloves are mainly not easy to produce dust and static electricity.
This kind of electrostatic conduction or reduce electrostatic characteristics of precision parts of the production and processing, semiconductor production, class Cup core chipset processing has a great help, can effectively improve the product rate.

Five, clean workshop dedicated-dust-free labor gloves
Market dust-free gloves to nitrile, latex mostly, the application of a number of research areas of the dust-free workshop. Clean room for the quality of clean gloves requirements are very strict, usually will require the use of clean gloves through such as NVR, LPC, SEM and other microscopic parameters. According to dust-free room Grade: $number, $number, Grade 10 and other categories of different requirements for dust-free gloves.

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