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The development of cat culture
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Cat culture is the most important embodiment of the use of cat sand, cat sand was invented in 1948 by the United States, after more than more than 50 years of research and development, quality has been very sophisticated, the early cat sand mainly to the non-condensing cat sand mainly, we are to host the cat, but with the cat sand technology not only progress, People not only limited to the storage of such a simple, so not only the emergence of the present condensation sand, wood sand, and crystal sand and so on. Now the international market Cat sand classification is as large as: 1. Bentonite cat sand 2. Crystal Sand 3. Sand 4. Other Sands 1. Bentonite Cat sand can be divided into 1.1 non-condensing cat sand in the early cat sand mainly with non-condensing cat sand, since 1984, the United States launched a condensation cat sand, quickly withdrew from the market, Now the non-condensing cat litter in the market is already very rare, only the United States a few traditional families to use. 1.2 Can condense cat sand can be condensed cat sand is now commonly seen in the sand, its low price, good condensation and deodorant and in line with the characteristics of cat nature, by the vast number of cat friends love.

But there are several important criteria for choosing cat litter: 1. Condensation force 2. Water Absorption 3. Odor 4. Dust content The domestic current bentonite cat sand basically does not reach these standards, and foreign to these standards of the grip is very mature, so in foreign countries, cat friends prefer to choose good bentonite ore

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