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Test of compression resistance of shoe Baotou
- Jul 24, 2017 -

For this reason, it can be said that if the hardness of the soles of the formula is relatively large, it is more effective for the support of the shoe Baotou. Another factor that needs to be considered is that the soles of the shoe are designed to keep the edges of the shoes on the line, and the soles must have teeth marks. This is because the gap between the teeth of the soles of the area can not provide a good support, so it is possible to try to avoid the edge of the shoe and soles of the gap between the teeth overlap.
Another one that may affect the shoe-head's ability to protect the soles of the design features, is the total thickness of the soles of the shoe toward the direction of the head gradually reduced, which increases the toe of the shoe. On the contrary, this will affect the protective performance of the shoe Baotou, in the impact or impact of the time before the head of the shoe tilt forward, so that the front shell of the shoe Baotou is lower than the shoe Baotou back edge.
Because most of the security shoe Baotou design is through its front shell conduction impact and pressure, if its front shell is lowered to lower than the shoe Baotou, then its force transfer mechanism can not effectively function, the shoe Baotou back edge will suffer serious deformation.
There is also a sole part of the characteristics of the shoe can affect the protection of Baotou, that is, along the width of the sole cut, vertical and horizontal section to see the upper surface of the profile. The upper material that is concave into the soles of the shoe increases the clearance in the middle of the safety shoes and shoes, so the deformation of the shoe Baotou will be greater when the damage is likely to occur.

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