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Teach you how to choose safety shoes!
- Jul 24, 2017 -

First, in the regular sales meeting, according to many years of customer experience, factory and demand customers in the purchase of safety shoes, the first part of the procurement staff to understand the knowledge to facilitate the search for suitable products, first of all, consumers should be based on different workplaces to choose to protect toe safety shoes (tamper/puncture/acid alkali/high temperature/Non-slip safety shoes) type.

1. In the protection of toe shoes safety shoes (tamper/puncture/acid alkali/high temperature/Non-slip safety shoes product An1 type, An2 type, An3 type, An4 type and AN5 type Five protection performance level, AN1 level is highest, An5 level is lowest.)

2. High level of protection toe safety shoes products its front-end resistance to pressure and impact of technical indicators are high, the toe of the protection is good, so the more easily the toe of the injury or pressure injury, the more serious the degree of injury to the job to choose a high level of protection toe protective shoes, and some toes may be smashed or crushed, the degree of injury is not likely to be serious work, you can choose a lower level of protection toe safety shoes shoes, because the high level of safety shoes generally high prices, wear cumbersome, poor comfort

Second, consumers can choose according to their own needs of different prices, patterns, materials protection toe shoes safety shoes.

1. Usually, the new type of leather shoes, lightweight, the use of polyurethane material outsole, wear-resistant, price is more expensive; adhesive-bonded safety shoes are a long history of production of a traditional process, the price according to its style, timber and other circumstances;

2. Sewing tires At the end of the price of safety shoes is relatively cheap, not the price of the tire at the end of the design, the use of wood and so on. In addition, injection safety shoes and adhesive shoes, poor ventilation, sewing safety shoes breathable better, wearing more comfortable.

Third, consumers in the purchase of safety shoes, first of all should confirm that the manufacturer of the product has a state-issued industrial production license (imported goods do not need) and safety signs certification. On this basis, then check whether the product has the manufacturer's name and address, production license number, safety mark certification number, production date, product standard number, whether accompanied by product certification and instructions, but also pay special attention to check whether there is a product name (or "protect toe"), shoe number and protective performance level. In addition, the distributor should be required to produce a test report of the product and to check the validity period.

Four, consumers in the purchase of safety insurance shoes should look at the quality of appearance. Can see if the help surface is disabled, color is different, and line heavy needle, jump needle, break, pin code unevenness, help bottom whether there are open, off line, whether the soles have sulfur, sulfur, sulfur, the inside of the Baotou is crooked and so on.

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