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Service Life of Safety shoes
- Jul 24, 2017 -

A. Safety Shoes introduction: The most basic feature of safety shoes is to prevent the failure, usually because of different environmental features such as: high-temperature safety shoes, acid and alkali safety shoes, insulation electrician safety shoes, oil safety shoes, non-slip safety shoes, different materials are divided into: cowhide safety shoes, water cowhide safety shoes, India imported buffalo skin safety shoes, head layer cowhide safety shoes, two layers of cowhide safety shoes. So there's a wide variety of safety shoes.

Two. Is the term of use of safety shoes made by the manufacturer or by the state? How long?

Three. The use of safety shoes, the answer to this question is divided into two parts:

Four. 1. In terms of national standards, in line with the safety of the national standards of qualified products, the state enforcement of three packs of policies, broken bottom, section, open after the sale within three months of the replacement.

Five. 2. In practice, the use of safety shoes mainly depends on the working environment of safety shoes, the use of the user status, the environment good use of strength to wear one years to three years can be. Harsh environment such as chemical plant, electroplating workshop, because of the strong corrosive three months is almost.

Therefore, there is no rigid requirement for the replacement of safety shoes. Main considerations: Security performance, comfort, quality. According to the use of different, the factory in the procurement of safety shoes on the actual situation choice, cheap 40-80/pairs, but the material is almost leather, the appearance of wax looks beautiful, but less than two months, safety shoes are basically not like the appearance, so it is recommended not to buy too cheap safety shoes. 100-200 Price range is the mainstream of the market. There are usually national test certificate, some insurance companies underwriting.

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