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Making method of injection safety shoes
- Jul 24, 2017 -

The method of making injection safety shoes with air circulation system comprises the following steps: First, a plug cap and a mandrel skeleton are fixed on the bottom of the shoe last at the position of the Rotary shoe machine, and then the upper sleeve is tightened on the shoe last. The air compression assembly and a prefabricated module for preventing material penetration are installed at the heel of the taut upper bottom, and then connected with the end of the skeleton; Flip the position above, and in the corresponding sole mould, place the precast shoe outsole with a steel sheet on top of the outsole. Then buckle with the upper of the shoe last polished; the turntable shoe-making machine transfers the position of the buckle to the injection molding of injection molding machine to the bottom, and the finished shoe is removed, and the other stopper and insole of the compressed air component are fitted; inspection of manufactured shoes. The beneficial effect is that the method has the advantages of simple production efficiency, no adhesive for one injection and no pollution in the working environment. The shoes are made to circulate the air inside the sole, breathable and comfortable and durable.

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