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Introduction of cat Litter
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Cat litter is feeding the cat used to bury feces and urine of the object, there is better water absorption, generally with the cat sand basin (or cat toilet) together, will be the right amount of cat sand poured into the cat sand basin, trained cats when the need to drain will go into the cat litter in the sand basin. The most important progress in cat culture is the use of cat sand, the early cat sand mainly to the non-condensing cat sand mainly, we are mainly for the storage of cats.

But with the continuous progress of the cat sand technology, people not only limited to the storage of such a simple, so the emergence of the current condensation sand, wood sand, and crystal sand, bentonite sand and so on. Generally, cat litter is used to simulate sand with small particles of pulp to provide water absorption, but also the use of silica gel and other physical desiccant particles. Usually add antibacterial agent/deodorant/preservatives and other chemical products, cat sand encounter water will condense into blocks, although said to be easy to clean up but recommended with a special drain shovel.

Most cat litter cats will stick to their feet and take them to other places, so be careful to clean them up regularly.

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