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How to teach cats to use cat litter?
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Kitten is not born to use cat sand yo, when you take it home, the days before it will be everywhere disorderly urine, this really is people very headache, you will find the sofa, the carpet will have its poo, really is not afraid of it floats, it is not afraid of hygiene.

So you must first teach it to use the cat sand yo ~ if it develop bad habits, it is very difficult to change it!

Of course, the cat is also very clever, teach it one or two times he will understand "the original is to go to the toilet here." Need cat litter and cat litter when the cat comes in, he'll walk around and sniff, and you'll find that when it's near the cat litter, it's going to stop sniffing around and holding the cat in the litter bowl, taking its little paws and digging a few more times, and getting acquainted with the action when the cat pulls it out. You have to use the paper to pick up the poo and let it smell, and then let him see you put it in the cat sand Basin, and then put it into the cat sand basin to let it smell, and then use its small claws planing cat sand cover the stool, pressure its head and let it smell. Because the cat is identified by smell, this is to tell it clearly, your toilet is here!

Wait until next time it wants to poop (when the kitten will be called, and the tail will rise up, do squat), put it into the cat sand plate, and then planing a few to see it, let it deepen the memory.

But some cats do not care what you are doing, even after teaching and still do the urine? This time you have to educate, to be fierce, very serious to educate it, let it know that you are not happy.

Because the cat's memory is poor, so be sure to seize the spot education.

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