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Does tofu cat sand use?
- Oct 17, 2018 -

1, tofu cat sand. Said is Tofu cat sand, in fact, the texture is not the same as tofu, different from bentonite sand, tofu cat sand is a cylindrical bar-like.

Odor-absorbing effect than the general sand better, the knot group is also relatively fast, the urine group quick, convenient shovel excrement officer shovel out. 

2, tofu cat sand with the situation than pine sand, but more than the small easy to take out of bentonite, tofu cat sand is medium, occasionally cat master foot stained with a little tofu cat sand, or jump out of the cat Sand Basin, will bring a little.

It's not difficult to clean up.

3, to sum up, tofu cat sand as a cat sand, cost-effective good, knot group is fast, odor is also good. 

4, the market to Tofu cat sand also launched a variety of fragrance, green tea, cherry blossoms, peach and so on, the effect is actually no difference.Even the fragrance is too heavy, the cat doesn't like it.

5, the choice of cat sand may need to go through a variety of attempts to pick out the cat master's favorite, if the cat master is reluctant to use the new cat sand, may not like this cat sand, or is not accustomed to, need to guide or change the cat sand, cat sand replacement of the best new and old mix, slowly reduce old cat sand, until all replaced

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