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Benefits of Tofu Cat litter
- Oct 17, 2018 -

1, tofu cat sand ingredient is a natural fresh bean curd residue or natural plant fiber, the market can be seen in the tofu sand derivative variety.

Also some manufacturers to the tofu cat sand added different flavor, such as: green tea, cherry blossom, peach and so on, although the flavor is different, but the effect is not too big difference, shovel excrement official circle has a famous saying: The choice of the cat Slave, the cat actually does not matter, too rushed the fragrance but let the cat disgusted. 

2, Tofu cat sand is a kind of environmental protection type of cat sand, many cat slaves may be two years ago, the formaldehyde incident fear, the official also made a statement, the regular manufacturer of tofu sand is trustworthy.

We should pay more attention to the advantages and disadvantages of tofu sand and its suitability for our cats.

3, because the ingredients of tofu sand natural, cat swallowed will not have problems, so for the gastrointestinal function of the cat, tofu sand is a good choice, the other tofu sand with water-soluble, after use can be thrown directly into the toilet washed away, and some cat slaves used waste to plant flowers. 

4, about the shortcomings of tofu sand, some people say it is not good absorption of urine, fragile easy to stick, to clean up caused inconvenience.

In addition, there are cat slaves reaction, high temperature and humid weather caused by the cat sand and urine chemical reaction, not to mention how sour cool, so the south of the Qinling Huaihe River Partners carefully choose ha! In addition, the price of tofu sand is relatively high. 

5, from the side of the choice of cat friends, most cats still love bentonite sand. To my master used Crystal cat sand, tofu cat sand and bentonite cat sand, found that cats prefer crystal cat sand, but crystal cat sand does not knot the effect really let me stand.

In general, Bentonite cat litter is the best choice for cat slaves, Teddy's bentonite cat sand knot effect is good, odor-absorbing effect is good, cat excretion after the sour odor relieved a lot.

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