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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various material cat sand
- Oct 17, 2018 -

With the popularity of pet cats more and more high, pet cat supplies market also hot up, cat sand as an essential pet supplies, market brand types are also booming rapidly developed. 

But for most cat owners, it is not easy to choose a cat litter that is suitable for cats, has no effect on the body and mind of cats, and is suitable for easy use. Cat litter on the market can be divided into bentonite, sawdust, confetti, crystal. All kinds of cat litter have their own advantages and disadvantages, so for different cat owners may according to their own needs to choose suitable for their own cat litter. 

The following is to introduce some of the common Market cat sand brand and its use effect. 

1. Bentonite Cat Sand This is the market on the most popular type of cat litter, which is mainly due to the nature of the cat, meow people are accustomed to in the discharge of their own digging pits, excretion after their own burial, so the cat sand texture for the soil of the cat more like (in fact, the field digging up planing ╯-╰ o). 

2. Crystal Cat sand Crystal cat sand is mainly silica gel particles, its physical characteristics of water absorption is very strong, if not to consider other aspects, this is undoubtedly the perfect choice of cat sand, but because the silica gel in the water after easy to change color, and not easy to knot, but also to arouse the interest of the cat, so the use of crystal cats sand in the 

Easy to be eaten by cats and other shortcomings. 

3. Wood litter cat sand is generally made of pine or wheat straw and other raw materials, so it is a kind of more environmentally friendly cat sand. 

and sawdust cat sand water absorption effect is also good, the use is more convenient, the disadvantage is that many cats do not adapt to the taste of wood litter cat sand. 

4. Confetti Cat Sand Main ingredients: waste treatment of paper production. Advantages Confetti Cat Sand belongs to soft sand, like the size of rice grains. In the deodorization aspect, the confetti cat sand because the particle size, the hardness and the general ore-like, therefore does not have the odor to spread out easily. Now the market on the sale of Confetti cat litter in general contain activated carbon, on deodorant also help. Confetti Cat sand due to small particles, so the dosage is small, although not caking, but the urine will be gray, easy to identify, easy to clear. 

And can be poured into the toilet to wash off, relatively simple. 

Disadvantage: The group is relatively poor, so clean up more trouble, the dosage is larger.

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